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While vaping may have started out as a more effective way to quit smoking, it has soon become a trend in itself. You can’t walk into fashionable bars and restaurants in cities throughout the US without seeing young, hip people with their cutting edge e-cigarettes and other vaping paraphernalia.

Manufacturers and sellers of vape equipment, and the fillers for e-cigarettes and vaping tanks, have been quick to realize that it isn’t enough to have a good product that works well; if your product is going to be a big seller then you have to get your branding and advertising right too.

Biggest Names in Vaping

An online store like VaporDNA is a good place to start if you want to buy the best and coolest vape kit. Aimed squarely at young, fashionable vapers, the site only stocks the best-known and best-loved brands, ensuring you can enjoy a quality product while also looking cool when you head out on the town with your friends.

Most of these top manufacturers sell both vape tanks and e-cigarettes and the liquids or ground material that you used to fill them, and which are then vaporized to produce the less harmful vapor which you inhale.

RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers is one of the coolest vaping brands at the moment, and you can buy a selection of products on the VaporDNA online store. The brand is actually named after a vaping YouTube star who calls himself RiP Trippers.

His channel has over 700,000 subscribers and is dedicated to reviews of vaping products, information for vapers about new scientific developments and even demonstrations of how to build your own vaping equipment at home.

RiP Trippers designed his own rebuildable atomizer and sold the design in 2012; the profits allowed him to set up his own company which manufactures vaping kit and e-liquids which are all sold through VaporDNA.

The Council of Vapor

The Council of Vapor is a particularly edgy vaping brand, which seems to combine sleek style with products that vapers love. All their mods and other delivery equipment are designed in the US and manufactured in Taiwan, and they have made a deliberate decision to focus only on the hardware aspect of vaping and have not, as yet, branched out into manufacturing their own e-liquids.

It is generally accepted that Council of Vapor products are aimed at men; they tend to use dark colors, and chrome finishes rather than warmer shades. However, there is no reason for women not to use them, and indeed many may prefer their discreet appearance when compared with the brightly-colored mods and atomizers sold by other manufacturers.


Vaporesso describe themselves as “being passionate about the vape life” and are dedicated to implementing the latest vaping technology into their hardware products as soon as possible. They are also focused on quality craftsmanship, to ensure that your atomizer or e-cigarette looks as good as possible, while also delivering vapor effectively.

VaporDNA stocks a wide range of Vaporesso products, including starter packs and replacement parts as well as their newer and more technologically-advanced delivery systems.


Eleaf is not just one of the coolest brands of e-cigarette on the market, it is also one of the best-selling, both on the VaporDNA site and in shopping malls throughout the UK. Now, thanks to online stores, their excellent products can be shipped and enjoyed all over the world.

The company pledges to provide quality products, using the most recent innovations in e-cigarette technology. Eleaf cigarettes are both functional and stylish, and their slimline design makes them easy to carry around and to use discreetly.


Wismec has always been a name to look out for; buy their products now and you will find yourself leading the fashion in vaping equipment, not following it. While the name may not be creating as much noise as its more popular competitors, Wismec is actually responsible for lots of the most innovative pieces of technology in the e-cigarettes and atomizers produced by other manufacturers.

The company is focused on using the technology it has spent years developing on its own range of hardware, using the most cutting-edge inventions from their own laboratory.

Choose Your E-liquid

What e-liquid you choose is less important when it comes to your vaping image; after all no one sees if you put Mr Meringue e-liquid into your cutting edge, super-cool atomizer. While the mod or e-cigarette you buy may be influenced by brand names and appearance, buying e-liquids is more about focusing on flavors you like and will continue to enjoy. After all, this is the best way to ensure that you stick with vaping and don’t slip back into smoking cigarettes.

Most e-liquids have quite a sweet flavor — as the Mr. Meringue brand name suggests. However, if you don’t have a sweet tooth there are lots of fruit-flavored e-liquids available on VaporDNA too, or you can even go for “naked” e-liquids which have no flavor at all.

The flavor of the e-liquid doesn’t only affect the taste but also the smell of the smoke, so those very close by may be able to smell that your ultra-hip e-cigarette has been loaded with Glazed Doughnut or Cheesecake flavor vaping material — not perhaps the image you want to create if you are spending serious money on brand name vaping hardware.

Ultimately, the choice is all yours, and at VaporDNA you have a lot of great vaping products to choose from. You can choose a sleek, stylish fashionable atomizer or a functional e-cigarette in fun and funky colors — whatever suits your personality most.

Either way, the key to successfully using vaping to help quit smoking is for it to become a normal part of your life as quickly as possible. In order for this to happen, the vaping hardware you buy has to be easy to fill, easy to use and easy to keep clean and maintain — otherwise there is little incentive not to just go back to old-fashioned cigarettes.

Substance is certainly more important than style when you are getting used to vaping, but there is no reason not to have both when you are heading out for the night.

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