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WeVapor aims to become your go-to place for their e juice and starter kits, all at the lowest prices with quick shipping and great customer service. They are located in South Carolina on the eastern side of the country but their customers live all over the USA and the world.

WeVapor has expanded into South America too, so the company is looking to grow as the e cig market expands. They have something very important going for them at WeVapor: excellent pricing. That’s because they make their own e liquid. Other brands would cost more.

USA-made E Juice

E Liquids sold here are made in the United States using quality ingredients. I don’t know if that means they are all compliant and mixed in an ISO facility, but their VG and PG are USP-grade and ingredients are sourced in America at least.

Here is what they tell us. ROX e juices offer a 50/50 blend for fairly good vapor production, smooth flavor, and a bit of throat hit where you need it. A 50/50 blend is good for simple coils like the ones in their clearomizer (see below).

A 10-ml bottle of ROX E Juice could cost as little as $1.99; add $1 for 15 ml. Lionheart E Liquid with 70% VG is a littler pricier at $4.99 for 15 ml, but compare that with the usual gourmet e liquid at $12. Since free shipping begins at just $35, it does not take a big purchase to qualify.


Flavors include Cherry Cola, Rock N’ Road (Rocky Road), Black Cherry Tobacco, and Mac N’ Coco (a macaroon with coconut). You might read a report that says “Certified by Enthalpy Analytical to have undetectable levels of Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione (Acetyl Propionyl)” with a link to the full report immediately below, so WeVapor has nothing to hide.

Select up to 60 ml for Lionheart and a maximum of 18 mg of nicotine or 120 ml max for ROX plus the same nicotine threshold, only more increments.

Apparently, 15-ml bottles are filled to the top giving consumers 17 ml in total. I suspect most people will spill a little if the bottle is full, so don’t count on receiving extra in reality. Bottles are childproof, by the way.

Sample Packs

Pick up a Sample Pack from either line of e juice and save money. Select 7 Roxwell flavors or ask WeVapor to surprise you, although it is the customer’s job to pick nicotine. The order page defaults to 0 nicotine.

Anyone who recently gave up smoking will feel cruelly deprived if their e juice arrives nicotine-free, so pay attention. There are nearly 20 flavors to choose from including Cantaloupe, Chocolate Mint, and Vanilla Custard.

The Lionheart sample pack opens you up to choosing 4 flavors at once like Milk ‘Em milk & honey, Spice it Up pumpkin spice, or Milky Marsh creamy marshmallows. Bottle sizes are still 15 ml, but customers save anyway.

You might be tempted to collect the bottles, each of which boasts a drawing of a lion with a luscious mane and sunglasses in one of several colors. Compare this with the Cosmic Fog label where the cloud wears different colored sunglasses; the effect is similarly cool and uncluttered.

ROX Labelled Starter Kit

WeVapor sells a small selection of products in this category. They are mini cigs with clearomizers, an obvious choice for an e juice company. The mini cig battery boasts the ROX label against a black finish.

Buy a blister kit with one battery, two clearomizers, a USB charger, and two 15-ml bottles of e juice for $10.99 plus shipping. The battery and USB charge cost $2.99 together. This is really good value for a new vaper to consider.

New clearomizers can be purchased separately with their little black mouthpieces. They aren’t meant for many weeks of use, so keep a set handy. With the full kit, vapers get to choose their e juice flavor twice over; it’s not an automatic selection, even though the price is so low.

Getting Better All the Time

If your order exceeds $15, you will receive a sample of e juice no matter what, so the deals just get better and better. At WeVapor, they claim the secret of their low pricing is a wholesale arrangement with their supplier, enabling them to make e liquid cheaply but not using substandard ingredients. Support an American firm and look after your wallet.

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