UK E-Cig Store Review 2020

UK E-Cig Store is one of the leading best online vape shops in the U.K. From vaping hardware to vaping juices they have all that stock that a vape needs to start vaping.

UK ECIG STORE was founded in 2012 by two brothers who were life-long smokers who discovered that vaping helped them quit smoking. This realization led to a simple goal, create an online platform so that they can reach all types of vapers from beginners to advanced users.

However, if you are a professional user then got a special category of vaping products under which you can go for the premium quality vaping juices and tools as well.

Vaping is not all about just getting the flavor of your choice. Rather it also matters on the quality of it which the UK E-Cig Store has best in its stock. 

I have gone through many online vaping stores and also tried almost every brand that is quite popular and pretends to be the best. Well, I don’t believe in the claim and straightforwardly, I look for their quality.

As I love vaping and therefore, I have tried UK E-Cig Vaping juices and their accessories a few months ago and want to tell you all their secrets. 

If you want to know then be with me!

My whole experience with them is summed up here. So, without any more formalities, let’s get straight into it:

uk e cig store

About UK E-Cig Store

If you want to know more about vape and vaping, you have come to the right place, at the UK E-CIG STORE is the first choice to vapers in the UK. They have a great experience in vaping and they have been helping vapers since 2012. It shows that they are experts for your vaping products and if you want any kind of vaping help then you can visit their official website where they have a lot of stuff to help you. 

Well, If you have questions about vaping then they have opened their shops in some of the cities, which you can check out on their site. Well, you can visit one of their London vape shops as well. You can also have a look through their YouTube channel for reviews as they have completely guided on how to vaping and how to choose the best vaping products.

If you love to read blogs then you can go for the helpful guides or have a look at their blogs and guides where they have complied most common questions about vaping.

That is why I say that the UK E-cig store is your one-stop destination for your vaping needs!

Well, with more than 5 years of experience and quality service, UK E-cig Store is now one of the leading stores for vaping products in the U.K. However, not just from the U.K. they are quite famous worldwide as well.

Whether you are looking for the e-juices or your priority is high-quality vaping tools or you just want to begin your vaping journey; UK E-cig has covered them all. With more than 500 of e-liquid flavors and hundreds of hardware tools, they have one of the largest collections of the vaping goods.

Either you are a beginner or vaping at a professional level, you are going to find your every need on this brand. They have stocked the best e-cig kits, vape pens including the latest liquid ranges, tanks, and next-generation box mods. Basically, they have everything you need to help you make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. With hardware brands such as Smok, Aspire and Innokin and e-liquid brands like Twelve Monkeys, Dinner Lady, I VG and Nasty Juice they have the best selection of vape in the UK.

Well, I have discussed later their product quality and services in this review. You can check them by sequence so, in the end, you can be sure if you should go for this brand or not?

So, now, let’s move on to that:

Product Quality

They have simply premium quality vaping products!

I have tried some of premium quality e-liquids and vape kits and I got really impressed with their blending method and the research on the taste of vapers.

Well, I’ll love to share with you but first, you should need to know how do they manufacture their products.

Vape Kits

Starting from the very basics, as for starting your vaping journey, you must have a great vape kit so that you can enjoy vaping efficiently. 

Note- Those who are looking for liquids and other accessories can skip this part.

Talking about their vape kits then they have been categorized under these main categories:


  • Starter E-cigarettes
  • Pen Style Vape Kit
  • AIO Kits
  • Sub Ohm


I’ll recommend those vapers who are just going to start their vaping journey that they must try UK E-Cig Store’s starter kits as they are much affordable and of high-quality which will give you super experience with them. In the end, with their cheaper price, you can move forward without any risk of spending a lot of money on vaping goods.

However, the pen style vape kit is the new version of vaping. These are now quite popular and trending vaping tools. Well, their easy-to-carry and portable feature is quite amazing while traveling. Apart from this, their rechargeable battery gives them power which is great for handling easily.

All in One Kit which is known as AIO Kits are devices that do not have any separate parts and the whole device is usually packed with one shell. With an AIO device, you will receive a complete gadget from where you can start vaping. This includes the device, charger and replacement atomizer heads. The AIO style of kit makes vaping simple and very easy. If you are ever in doubt, an AIO kit is the best way forward to choose.

If you need more power in your gadget as you don’t want to recharge them again and again then sub-ohm is the right option for you. Many people go with it as it works great as compared to other ones due to its great battery life and portable feature.

I’ll love to give you my opinion on the device which I have tried and will surely recommend to you if you are going to try one of them.

#1. The One Kit E-Cigarette Kit – Best Starter Kit For Vaping

As I have also tried their vape kits, which I’ll mention here their best one!

The One Kit E-Cigarette Kit is the perfect vaping kit that anyone needs. It is one of the most premium quality kit that has perfect features.

Let’s check out their highlighting features first:

What will be the content?

  • 1 x The One Kit Tank
  • 1 x The One Kit 1000mAh Battery
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x 1.5 Ohm Coil

What did I like most?

  • The One Kit’s rechargeable 1000maH (14 W) powerful battery allows you to vape along the whole day. It means you don’t need to plug it every time after you vape. 
  • Compact size allows you to easy to carry while traveling.
  • MTL (Mouth To Lung) feature allows you to have an amazing flavor and vapor production experience.
  • Stainless steel material guarantees its durability.
  • Easily changeable drip tip.

The power source of this device is amazingly capacity to run along the whole day which I loved the most. Even if you are running out of power then you can go with another battery if you have already with you. The rechargeable batteries have this plus point.

Apart from that, either you are a traveler or not, you can keep it in your bag and pocket as well. Thanks to its compact design. The material used for the body is stainless steel which gives your surety of longer lifetime and durability.

Apart from this, they have a complete package of your vaping needs, which I have been mentioned in this list. You can check them out for your requirements and need. 

Vape pods



Coils (Standard Coils, Mesh Coils, Sub-ohm coils)

Accessories (Batteries and Chargers, Cotton and wires, Tools, Drip Tips, Clothing, Vape Spares)

You can check out their official website right here UK E-Cig Store for more information on each category.

Now, let’s move to my most favorite part!


As UK E-Cig Store believes in providing quality services, therefore, they use a balanced VG/PG ratio (Especially what I liked in them) in their flavored liquids based on the standard ingredients used. Apart from that, they have amazingly categorized their different product range which I have been already discussed some of them.

For example, if you are looking for the new vaping liquids then there is a special category for it. For the whole e-liquid category, you will find New E-liquids (latest arrived in the market), Shortfill E-liquids (Filled less for nicotine boosters), Starter E-liquids (Especially for the beginners), Guest E-liquids (the ‘guest’ version of the e-juices), Pre-filled pods and Nic Salt. 

They have also taken your favorite flavors on their list. You are sure to find some amazing juices under Beverage, Dessert, Fruity, Chocolate Menthol, Sweet, Candy, Milk, and the most popular Nicotine flavor as well.  

With more than hundreds of brands you can choose your e-liquids according to your budget. I have mentioned some of the popular brands below, you can take an overview of them and can get an idea about the quality of your vape products.


  • Barista Brew Co.
  • 13th Floor Elevapors
  • Acid House E-Liquids
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • Dinner Lady
  • I VG
  • Nasty Juice
  • Avant-Garde E-Liquid
  • Bazooka E-Liquids
  • Candy King
  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust


And many more products are there waiting for you!

As I have tried some of their premium e-juices, therefore, I want to mention them so that you can give them a try and can have fantastic vaping experience.

#1. Tobacco Royale – High VG 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

This is for those who love tobacco flavor!

The Tobacco Royale is one of my favorite picks from this website and I have been a fan of them since first use. Their amazing high VG blend gives your throat a superior royal tobacco hit which you can get just within $ 13. Apart from this, their quality is superior which is much more than their price.

What I liked:

  • Their old toby taste is purely nostalgic for the smoking era.
  • Classic tobacco ingredient from the top quality seeds.
  • Their price range for it.
  • Short filled liquids will let you make your favorite flavor more hardcore. It means you can add more nicotine if you need. It is a plus point if you use the short-filled liquids.

What I don’t like:


  • The classic tobacco taste approaches a little sweetness at the end which I don’t like it (As I love the natural taste of tobacco). However, even it can taste you better as everyone has their own taste. 


Overall, I loved the Tobacco Royale from the UK E-Cig Store as they have been put a lot of quality work in it and it can be felt in their amazing flavors. Well, If you are searching for a tobacco taste then this will be your best choice.

#2. Super Flavor Richman 

This different version of their short filled e-liquids is quite amazing!

The Super Flavor Richman has been blended with tobacco extract plunges into creams for those who have been bored with the other tobacco e-liquids.

However, this flavor will satisfy you with a soothing taste. It comes into a 50mL pack of the bottle with a 30/70 PG/VG ratio which means you are going to have a great experience with it.

I recommend this flavor to those vapers who just want to give a try to some different taste other than tobacco. However, it is a completely balanced e-juice for what you are looking for. 

What I liked:

  • The soothing tobacco taste with a little creamy flavor.
  • 30/70 PG/VG ratio for the better vape clouds.
  • Adding nicotine capacity.

Well, I didn’t find anything that you may not like for such a price range. You can get this e-liquid for just $13. I don’t think so, you will miss the chance of having such great quality e-liquid at cheaper rates.

#3. Dinner Lady Ice – Sweet Fusion 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

This is for those vapers who love the sweet taste!

Sweet Fusion from the Dinner Lady Ice range is a delicious combination of complex candy flavors with an icy taste. You will enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh lime and ripe strawberry that is perfect for fruity vapers and sweet flavor loving vapers.

Well, first check out its highlighting features:

What did I like?

  • Nicotine Free! This is the feature that makes it for those vapers who want to try other flavors than the nicotine ones.
  • However, If you are a nicotine lover and want to try a little taste out of this as primarily flavor then this 50ml short fill bottle (with 10ml of space to add nicotine) bottle will help you out.
  • VG/PG: 70/30 for more vaping clouds.

Overall, for just $15 I have been fallen in love with this one. As for such a price range, they have given you a great sweet taste. Even for those who want to add nicotine then they have also given some space for it, which is an amazing thing.

Customer service & Shipping 

Customer Service

Well, this brand is great in providing customer service!

I have been contacted their customer executives for my order then they are quite helpful. They helped me in a very friendly manner which I think is a great quality for any online brand. 

Therefore, I can say that you are not going to face any issue with their customer service for your orders. You can contact them through their given numbers during business days i.e. Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. They don’t work on the weekends and bank holidays. Apart from this, you can contact them through the contact form as well. They will respond to you as quickly as possible within 6 hours.


However, once you order your product then they will make sure to deliver within 48 hours i.e. 2 to 3 business days which is quite rapid. Well, they charge a specific amount for it. Even their charges increase for quick delivery as you want from them.

Well, if your order gets stuck at any point or you didn’t receive your order until 7 working days then you can contact them and ask them your query to the customer support.

I’ll recommend using the calling service for a quick response.


Finally, in search of the best online vape shops, I have been gone through many sites but UK E-Cig Store is the ultimate one-stop-shop for electronic cigarettes in the UK. This online store has quite unique and high-quality vaping products with great services for all vapers out there.

Well, this online shop has mainly focused on the U.K region only however, they are also extending their business to the international level as well.

What I especially liked in this site is their amazing e-liquids and vaping accessories which are quite unique and top-notch quality rather than other sites out there. However, their customer service is the icing on the cake.

Finally, I’ll say that if you are searching for a perfect shop that can fulfill your all vaping needs then UK E-Cig Store is that. 

Well, now, you can tell me what you liked on this site or you can also recommend or suggest some features if I have missed it.

Until then, enjoy the vaping!


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